Rochester NY Dental Care Services

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General Dentistry

Dental ExamAt Jeffrey D Busch DDS, we are a full-service dental office located in Rochester NY, offering general dentistry services. We serve patients of all ages, children and adults, with dental exams, teeth cleanings, fillings, dental hygiene, implants, and much more. Our experienced team will diagnose, treat and help prevent gum, teeth and jaw diseases.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Are you looking to enhance your smile? At Jeffrey D Busch DDS, we offer cosmetic dentistry services to improve the appearance of your teeth, gums or bite. Our services include teeth whitening, restoration, crowns, inlays, bridges, and veneers. We strive to keep your mouth and teeth healthy and beautiful.

Teeth Whitening

If you are interested in whiter teeth, Jeffrey D Busch DDS can help! Whether you have a discolored tooth or stained teeth from coffee, we can restore your confidence with professional teeth bleaching. Call us today to learn more!

Adult Dental Care

Root Canals

Do you need a root canal? A root canal treatment can relieve your tooth pain and save your smile. Jeffrey D Busch DDS has been serving the Greater Rochester NY area with reliable dental care since 1981, so you can trust us for comprehensive services every time.

Oral Cancer Screening

As a locally owned dental office, Jeffrey D Busch DDS provides oral cancer screenings to detect abnormalities that develop in the tissues of your lips, mouth, and throat. Protecting your health is our foremost concern. Call our team today to schedule a quick, non-invasive oral cancer screening.

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